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who is he?


        From a small seaside city in China to the streets of New York City, Yuchao “Robbin” Feng, an NYU MFA in Cinematography candidate, was quickly recognized as an award-winning cinematographer and director. His exposure to two immensely contrasting worlds has deeply impacted his perspective on life and cinema. With a rich cultural background and unique visual style, Robbin is inspired to integrate his eastern aesthetics with western storytelling through his work. Robbin was awarded for Best Cinematography at The 2016 ShortPole London International Film Festival. His short film, PEARL 珍珠 will be making it’s world premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in April.

Yuchao “Robbin” Feng on the set of SLOAAN

Yuchao “Robbin” Feng on the set of SLOAAN